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Just some of the games we play at Liberated Gaming

Arma 3

Arma 3

We love Arma, probably because of the wide array of mods available. Apart from our Milsim, we play Exile, Wasteland, and some of the 100’s of Dayz variations for Arma 3.

Project Cars

Project Cars

When we wanna kick back and enjoy some casual sim racing we jump in our favourite cars and thrash it around some of the most iconic tracks. Always great fun, full of banter!

Counter-Strike :GO

Counter Strike

Boom Headshot! Could you compete with the likes of FPS Doug? Some of our members think they’re better than they really are. Maybe you could teach them a thing or two?

Our Public Servers

Nobody does it better than us!

Arma 3 Exile


We are proud to announce the release of our Exile Mod for Arma 3. We have spent many hours hand selecting mods and optimising to ensure your experience is nothing short of perfect!

Arma 3 Insurgency

Arma 3 Insurgency

We’ve been working really hard on this and we hope to release something in the summer. Regular updates available on Twitter.

About Milsim

What is Altis Military?

In short, the Altis Military is a casual ArmA 3 Milsim Unit, with a great group of people wanting focused PvP and PvE play. For a better idea, take a look at the ‘Highlight Reel’ below.

Operation Tours

Come and join our 80+ strong platoon and experience our training and main operations. We also run 4-5 session ongoing military tours. Here you’ll get the opportunity to experience all the beautiful sights Arma 3 has to offer.

Enlist Today

Interested in a career in the Altis Military? Please connect to our Teamspeak Server ( and join the ‘Altis Military Recruitment’ channel, or contact a Recruitment Officer.
Our unit is a CLOSED unit. We pick new players from our pool of recruits..


We’d rather you be over 18. If you aren’t, we’d ask for a short interview first.
We always need you to be in Teamspeak if you are playing with us.
We need you to be able to speak English to a consistently understandable level.


Within the Altis Military, we run large-scale PvE and PvP missions as part of on-going campaigns. Each mission can last up to a few hours, and each campaign usually runs for a month (4 sessions). We vary from perma-death scenarios to missions with reinforcement waves, but we always strive to put a value on the players life. Our gameplay is diverse, objectives are always varied and the entirety of the sessions require a decent amount of player focus.


Basic Training Monday 1930 GMT
PVE/PVP Wednesday 1930  GMT
Main Op Sunday 1930GMT
Dedicated Training sessions throughout the week from 1900 GMT


Recruitment Server – Open to public 24/7


Take a look at some of the content they create….and subscribe!

Crunchy Badger


Probably has the deepest voice and best mic on YouTube! Crunchy loves a bit of Altis Life, but watch out…. he’s a cop! His channel focus is aimed at Arma and it’s full of adventures.



A long term fan of the Arma series, but creates content on a wide array of titles. Dayz, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa as well as some funny situations on Altis Life. Here you’ll get an idea of the fun you can have with LG!



Give Goinsey a game and he’ll play it. His channel is jammed packed full of cool stuff, Rocket League, Verdun, Wreckfest, Arma and some really cool Indie stuff. 

More YouTubers!

Take a look at some of the content they create….and subscribe!



No pants in Elektro. If he catches you with your pants on, your ears will bleed! EBF’s channel is well established and creates fun videos on many games.



Tries his hardest to be a YouTube star, but struggles living in the shadow of JC Gaming Productions.



This channel is full of comedy! You’ll always be guaranteed a laugh when watching Byze cruise through GTA.

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