Liberated Gaming

Home of the Altis Military - ArmA III Realism unit.

Do you even lift?

Every LG member goes through a fitness test.
Well you don’t really, we’re just a group of mates that play games. Come and join us!

Where to find us?

We have our very own Teamspeak server. Slap this in your teamspeak app for a chin wag!

Regular Events

We play a wide range of games, there’s always something going on.

We’re an alright bunch!

Even when we’re not gaming we just hang out on TS and chat. If you’re looking for a relaxed  gaming community why not give us a try? 

"The welcome I got from coming to this community was unreal. Every single person was friendly and I made friends instantly. Although I have only be here for two months I feel like I have been here for longer because of the way this community accepts you."

− Cpl. Irish

"This gaming community has helped me bridge the gap between PTSD and social interaction."

− Brg Gen. Ghost (Ex UK Armed Forces - Light Dragoons)

"Incredibly professional & always has new ideas, values their members, supports them in whatever they want to do."

− LCpl. Immersion

"If you want a friendly and mature community, you have come to the right place."

− PFC. Fiskey

"Personally, I've never been in a gaming community like this. Everyone is so friendly and respectful; its just great."

− Lt. Kidd

"I've been playing ArmA for years and jumped about numerous communities. For once this is somewhere I have no intention of ever leaving.This is the first place where I've gotten a long with everybody; everyone is so easy going. This is the perfect place to better yourself in ArmA Military Sim."

− SFC. Austin

"Easy community to get in to and have fun with, great operation nights and ideas and experiencing new things every operation. Even out of Arma they have some great game bases and a beautiful banterous community."

− Pvt. Mini

"Never thought I could enjoy a game so much until I joined Liberated Gaming! Great fun, great guys."

− LCpl. Rook

"I can promise you will never find a better community than this."

− Maj Gen. Teeg

"Liberated Gaming gives everyone the same opportunity and nobody gets treated differently, no matter what rank they are."

− SFC. Jeppo

"I've been in this community for a little over two months and in that time my gameplay experience with ARMA 3 has transformed into one of the most fantastic gaming experiences I have ever had. I'm proud to be a part of this community and would recommend it highly!"

− Cpl. Bromley

"This community has improved my confidence, friendships and generally made me a better person. I love the community and everyone in it, and I plan to be here for A LONG TIME."

− Sgt Maj. Frenchie

"Everyone is friendly, plenty of different scenarios, maps, loads of training to be had, teamwork is essential and overall makes the game really fun to play with a real sense of community spirit."

− PFC. Mike

"These guys are amazing. They are the greatest bunch of people I've met in my whole gaming career (I played online in different clans for about 13 years) and I have never had this much fun."

− Sgt. Tall

"I'm new to playing ArmA with a community and bit of a rookie. However this has not been an issue as the staff and members of Liberated Gaming are without exception the friendliest, helpful and most professional bunch of guys I've played online with."

− Pvt. Fox

Altis Military

Semi realistic, structured Milsim

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Establishing link with

LG and Saw have been working hard to try and create a link between the two the communities. As most of you will have noticed, last night we toyed with the idea of moving us all over to the SAW TS server. This probably wasn't the best way to bring the two communities together, and maybe we rushed it a bit. So for now we've agreed to keep both the Saw and LG Teamspeak servers separate. Staff from both LG and Saw will be meeting soon to try and brainstorm the best way to create a link between these two great communities. If you have any suggestions, please use our contact us page, or find a Staff member on our TS channel.

Arma 3 VTGS/Milsim Modpack updated! (10/07/14)

Please ensure your modpack is up to date! Head over to our VTS page and ensure your running the latest. Modpack Page